YOU are the human you've been waiting for!!!!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Message from my Team to Lisa:

"Lisa, jump in… no, DIVE in! FOLLOW NO ONE. Do you hear me? FOLLOW NO ONE! Those you follow are mostly born of an ancient paradigm that no longer applies. Let me put it another way: only a few decades ago, the energies were quite dense. The average human required a “guru” a “master” to light the way. After 1987 (the great harmonic convergence) the energies shifted in a way that allowed a higher timeline to emerge. We are now living that higher timeline. People of all walks now have access to the other side of the veil. There is no longer a need to access these upper realms through other humans… Simply put, like you, they too are HUMAN.

Whoa. You are truly powerful. (but you already knew that) What you seek is a path, a place to focus your power? Like your brother, you will not find it outside yourself. You will not find it in a guru, a class, a book… Lisa, you are a master. You already out-pace all those you “tune into”. You are walking with all you need. The thing you are searching for is “time”. Time is the great equalizer. Time is the great being that humbles us all. The beginning of your journey requires the short sightedness of youth. Don’t be offended… there are things those “long in the tooth” would not attempt due to the wisdom that time affords. 

YOU came here hoping for this potential. Lisa, go within. Your higher self is there, hoping to guide you. The guidance is pure, untainted. When we seek guidance from others, we must tune to their channel… You have a frequency that is tuned JUST FOR YOU. There’s a channel… (we’ll call it) KLISA that was created JUST FOR YOU!  

You already know this, don’t you? 

You know you’re a badass. You know you are powerful. You get bored easily, don’t you? You feel that most people don’t “get it”, don’t you? There’s a reason for this. You are walking a razor thin line between allowing and being…. 

The plan you put into place is one that very few can travel. 

Beware of ego. 

Seriously, keep your ego in check. If you are feeling called to work with others, this is the area to focus on. 

You must be healed of earthly (3-d) pain. You must work from a place of non judgement (including yourself) to be fully effective. Many a great human have fallen because they buy into the human ego. When the healer is not healed, there is an imbalance that can create distortions. These distortions hold the potential for the human ego to become harmful to those it draws near. 

You are not human. You are so so much more. 

...but you already know all of this, don't you?"

Be well and go in love. 




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