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Stevens & Pruett: Live From Heaven

(I thought we could all use a little break from the Corona Virus...)

JoyRide Show #46 - Stevens & Pruett AfterLife Interview with Special Guests: Brian Shannon (Eddie "The Boner" Sanchez) and Emanuelle McIntosh (Medium)

(Kerry, April 2020)

We had such a great time recording this show! Tiffanie and I both grew up in Houston, Texas. If you were alive in the 70's, 80's, or 90's, you knew about radio station Rock 101 KLOL's shock jocks, Stevens & Pruett. They were AWESOME! (still are, as you will soon see)

(For those of you not from Houston or Dallas: bands like The Rolling Stones would stop by the station for a visit when passing through Houston... Stevens & Pruett were kind of a big deal)

(Tiffanie, May 2017)

KLOL family reunite to chat with the Radio Gawds, Mark Stevens and Jim Pruett! In the studio: Tiffanie Williams, Doug Harris (former KLOL Promotions Genius), Brian Shannon (aka Eddie 'the Boner' Sanchez and Stevens & Pruett Producer), Kerry Walker, Pat Fant (KLOL Founder) and on Skype from Belgium is medium Emanuelle McIntosh. Tiffanie here....I worked at legendary Houston rock station KLOL in the late 90's, and once you're in the KLOL family, you're in for life! It's been almost 20 years since I worked there, and over 10 since the station went off the air, but there's still KLOL family meetups, a huge fan following and we all miss the magic of the crazy morning show with Stevens & Pruett. So when Brian posted this shortly after Jim's passing last year, it got me thinking...we can host the eternity show on Joyride! Brian said he was game, and we invited along Doug and Pat to listen in!  This was a full circle moment for me, for I'd had my first psychic medium reading on the S&P morning show! Emma, the psychic medium lives in Belgium and we only told her the day before that "our friend Brian wants to talk to Mark and Jim." She had no idea who Stevens & Pruett were, but during the show prep she was blushing saying these guys are "crazy, full of energy and going a million miles an hour!" Yep, you got the right guys!!

Mark and Jim did not disappoint! They came through with messages, jokes and you'll never believe what Jim's up to now!! Tune in to find out.... PLUS...we got to hear from 4 generations of Brian's family! He's got a pretty rowdy bunch of folks up there, and was blown away to hear from all of them. Thank you everyone for coming on this JoyRide with us. We hope it makes you smile, and ponder the big questions about why we're here and where we go! Emanuelle McIntosh is a spiritual medium in Belgium who runs a mindfulness meditation center with her husband, Gerald. We enjoyed part of Emma's story on how she became a medium and channeled NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone on JoyRide Show #30, and again on  discussing their beautiful daughters and journey with autism JoyRide Show #36.

Thanks to Doug Harris and Pat Fant, The RunwayRadioHour can be heard on RadioBrave! Hear from KLOL founder Pat Fant as he tells the story of the launch of Houston's iconic rock station, hear highlights of Uncle Waldo and S&P episodes, and all the best of Dayna Steele, Lanny Griffith and more.

Here's a great interview with Brian Shannon: https://youtu.be/Gbz-ZQwCcC4

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