Question: The idea of the heart is prevalent in every religion and now in yoga and energy practices.

Answer: The heart is the bridge between the two hemispheres; the intellect (brain, 3D world we live in) and the emotion (the unseen, intangible feelings) In eastern ideology, the heart is the halfway mark along the chakra path. Lower wheels spin earth energies, helping us live in and ground to the 3D world, while the upper three chakras connect us to the unseen world of Spirit and intuition. In the western philosophies, the heart is the God Center Think about the Catholic Church's use of the term "sacred heart"

These are just two examples of the use of the heart in this realm. As you know, the heart supersedes the mind. The mind knows only what the personality has taught it. The heart knows so much more. The heart has a direct link to God (Spirit, Christ Consciousness, the Light.... ) It's important to note (at this point) that interpreting what information the heart is giving you (through feelings and emotions) is the key. The interpreting is often done through the filter of the ego. It's the ego we're trying to put to sleep so we can get what is really being said. Example of ego and interpretation: I often talk with my kids about the importance of perspective. The example I use (which seems to work) is about real estate. I tell them about two people that at different times have lived in a particular house. One man is ecstatic to live in a 4,000 square foot house in a nice neighborhood. He feels that he's "made it" and is very proud. The other man feels like he's taken a wrong turn in life. He HAD five houses, each worth three times what this house costs. He's lost "everything" and now has sunk so low that he lives in this tiny, 4,000 square foot house. It's all perspective. So, getting back to the importance of the heart and the perspective in which we interpret the information it gives us; hopefully now we can see how important it is to get ANY ego (personality) translation, out of the equation. When we allow God to talk to us through the heart, we shape our world outlook accordingly. In other words, in any culture, the heart shapes our world view. Information (emotions and feelings) + translation = world view

Love, Kerry


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