My Guides LOVE to Get Involved w/ My Girlfriends!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

My "Team" (as I like to refer to my guides) jump at the chance to chime in when I'm asked questions. A while back a girlfriend of mine called, seems she was having issues sleeping. Not only that, she was feeling jittery and a bit shaky. "Jacky" (obviously NOT her real name) tried everything; more exercise, less caffeine, more meditation... nothing seemed to help her unwind or chill out.

During our phone call she inquired if perhaps there was something energetic going on? (she'd heard me talk about the Shuman Resonance... you know, the measurement of the energy field surrounding the earth. It's really a thing)

Yup, the numbers had been off the charts. Seemed everyone I spoke with mentioned crazy emotional ups and downs. I began getting images of Jacky 1/2 filled with an old energy trying to drain away. It was really important that this old energy move out so the new, higher frequency could take it's place.  I told her what I was seeing and that I would try to get more information. Here's an edited version of what the guides wanted her to know:

"You are a light anchor. You are a light worker. You (and many others) came to this planet to help the enlightenment (ascension) process, this was the goal all along. You are not from Earth. When you accepted this mission, you were asked to abide by the laws that govern (gravity, karmic cycle, etc), therefore, you have spent many lifetimes here, on the planet. 

Fortunately, there was a loophole in place. The moment you realized who you actually were, you were no longer bound to the “earthly contract”… This freed you from the karmic wheel, from the laws that bind. This frees you from the the mindset and restrictions of this incarnation. (I must say, you and yours have delighted in the restrictive cycles; they provide such intense growth)

Unlike some, you have also taken parallel lives elsewhere, in different dimensions and on different planets. There is much work to be done. You can now tap into this, if you wish. 

This (the current) timeline has been set in place for some time now. The earth is ascending, with or without her occupants. We were alarmed that more of you hadn’t fully realized your authentic selves by this point. This is why the Earth is being blasted with cosmic energies. ( We are also taking full advantage of the celestial alignment. (Lion’s Gate, eclipses, and planetary alignment) 

Much love and admiration to you. We are right here with you.

Back to you: There are two things happening: your team (guides) is changing, and you are being asked to infuse a different energetic frequency into the planetary grid. You not only “anchor” the energy, you must run this energy THRU your vehicle. (Think HDMI vs regular cable) Because the energy is coursing through you, you are having to adjust your frequency and vibration. You are recalibrating. Don’t resist. TRY to sleep. Take salt baths. Be gentle on yourself. Walk, sing, write. (All the things you do regularly) Try to be inwardly still. Try not to plan, budget, plot. Put off PLANNING!  If you can, envision emptying out your container completely. The two energies cannot exist in the same space. You are feeling the new energies in the upper portion of your body (for it DOES enter from the top) and it’s colliding with the old energy (about midway down). Try to empty out the old. When the energy is flowing, you will feel fantastic."

So many of us have been asked to shed what no longer serves so we can make room for the new. Seriously, I've seen it all around me: relationship fallouts, job changes, divorces, especially the last quarter of 2018!

Just know that we are incredibly supported. Guides, angels and beings from all around are in overdrive supporting and loving us!

Let me know what you've been experiencing!

Bye for now! Love to you!


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