I'm lost.... I can't seem to find my purpose

Updated: Apr 3, 2019


I drew the “drum” card (upside down which indicates "action"). “You travel to the beat of a different drum. It’s time to acknowledge you do not fit a mold or role or relationship that is not in tune with you. Find your rhythm; respond to the heartbeat of the distant drum. The price you pay for lingering becomes higher with each passing day. Now is the time to move on!” (message written on the card)

(Below is the message from my team to Freddy)

It’s time. I see a lighthouse light searching the horizon, looking for what....validation, blame, insight? All you seek has been inside you all this time. There’s a knowing, a longing that you have held onto. You long to be led. You long to find the answer (the key) that will unlock the door to your purpose and future. You long to find your place.

You are part of a new generation of spirit that has come to this earth accompanied by an energy that is not easily recognizable. The framework established centuries ago, refined over hundreds of years, DOES NOT FIT YOU! You are seeking/craving something that has yet to be created. Let me say it a different way; this energetic template is encoded into your DNA. YOU carry these codes and are charged with the responsibility of anchoring them to the earth's grid. Does this make sense?

Think of it this way: Imagine you are an explorer, venturing to a new, undiscovered land. Would you expect the infrastructure to already be in place? I don't think so. You are the pioneer who signed up for the adventure of bringing forth these new energies to be anchored to the existing grid. We need this new structure so we may move forward on this higher timeline! You (and others like you) are the bridge to the “new world”…. 

What does this mean for you? This means YOU get to create. This means YOU get to grow into the position of "Architect". You are so so supported. These codes you carry within you must be activated. 


For starters, LOOK TO NO ONE for external assistance. YOU WILL NOT find WHAT YOU SEEK!!!!! (HUGE HUGE) Look inward. Look to YOUR guides, they are desperately trying to get your attention! 

Master your emotions. Master your expectations. Fully step into the MAN YOU CAME TO BE. He’s already here. He is YOU. You are HIM. The key to activation lies in this realization.

Here’s an exercise that may help get the ball rolling: When your mind is still, imagine what life is like in 10 years? Imagine the best possible outcome. Imagine what Freddy looks like. See who surrounds him. What occupies his thoughts? Can you see what his purpose is? What is he feeling? Can you see it? 

I can. 

He’s a man that knows that he, and he ALONE, created his world. He is a man that has forgiven and transcended his childhood anxieties. He has conquered his fears. He blames no one. He has let go of his anger and childhood pain. He has found peace in the knowing that all of these trials were placed there by HIM, FOR him.

Freddy, you are not alone on this adventure.



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